Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Recent Adventures in Spray Paint

So, I am now a spray paint addict in case you didn't know yet :) I have a pile of things to paint and a rack full of cans with which to paint them. So, this weekend when I found myself without a project, I got to spraying.
I finally sprayed the air vent for my sewing room. This has been off the ceiling since I painted it back in February - you can't rush these things. I decided it would be good to get it back in its place, so I just sprayed it with Rustoleum Clean Metal Primer in White. I did 1 coat from each angle so I could be sure to get inside the curved vent pieces. It is now back in its place and looking so much better than it did!

The next two piece were yard sale finds. I forgot to take pictures before I painted them, but both of them were made of Rubber Wood, which looks like this:
It's very smooth and slightly porous, so the paint doesn't soak completely in. It leaves a lined texture on it, which actually came out pretty neat.
I grabbed both the napkin holder and the mug tree for $1, and I sprayed them both with Rustoleum High Gloss Enamel in White.
They will help organize things in my sewing room quite nicely. The napkin holder has already become a fixture on my desk - it holds papers for me :) The mug tree will either hold scissors or ribbon or something else entirely. I'll let you know once it's found its calling. If you enlarge the pic you can kind of see the lined texture!
I bought this letter M with a parrot at the Salvation Army at least a year or two ago. It's the heavy duty metal kind with holes on the back to hang it and everything. It even had the original tag from whoever bought it - it was from a place called Costwork and it's price was $32.99. I grabbed it for $2 and originally planned to give it to my sister Marisa. Now that I have my own place to put it, I'm reclaiming for myself and putting it in my sewing room :)
Since it's a metal letter, I wanted to do it justice and I first gave it a coat of Rustoleum Clean Metal Primer in White. Sadly I made the first coat a little too thick, so it took forever to dry. Also, it decided to rain, so I had to pack up my painting forays for another day. At the moment it is just white and boring, but it will soon become more exciting :)

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