Thursday, May 30, 2013

My Halfway Finished Guest Bathroom

The week before we moved into our house, I had accomplished most of the projects I needed done so I decided to take the plunge (pun intended!) and paint the downstairs bathroom. Just to recap, it used to look like this:
Oh man, that blue bullnose tile. It's not a terrible color, honestly. It's just one of those colors that are unfortunately difficult to coordinate with. That must be why they previous owners left it white and jumped on that shower curtain they had (it's not in the pics, but how often do you come across a curtain with the exact same shade of blue as your tile? Amiright?) And how nice that they used the same wallpaper from the connecting bedroom in here - bye bye flowers! I was seriously thrilled when I finally got the last of that border off the wall, no joke. I just didn't want this room to be white. I entertained the idea of many colors, but in the end settled on this nice gray. 
I know this looks weird in the photos. Just so you know, the white looking tiles actually have purpley-gray specks all over them, so this gray really ties into them and makes it feel like the blue is just an accent color. The paint is Sherwin William's Emerald in Satin and I had them mix their paint in a Valspar color called Voyage. I tried to find a SW color that was the same, but none of them had the right hint of purple, so I just color matched - score! I have to say, I loved some aspects of this paint and disliked others. On the plus side, it went really far! I bought a quart to do this room and still have more than half of it left over - that's pretty impressive. One weird thing though was that it gets scratch marks if metal rubs against it. My husband was holding up a mirror to see if we liked it and his wedding ring scuffed the paint stlightly - now there is a little dark line there. Weird.
This is what it looked like until last weekend (it has its actual shower curtain now - not just the liner). I still need to paint the trim and doors, change out the light fixtures, recaulk in a few spots, fix inside the closet (in a big way), and come up with wall art/shelving to fill the walls a bit. So, this room is only half way finished. I just wanted to show some progress. It's funny - if I go for a week without posting a progress shot on here, I start to feel like I haven't done anything. I like that visual-internet-satisfaction, which proves this blog is probably more for me than anyone reading it, ha ha!

So that's where I am with the downstairs bath. Once I get more done, I will post the results :) Have you tackled any home reno lately?

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