Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Latest Crafting Acquisitions :)

Over the last few months, I have spent a fair amount of time on Craig's List. It can be annoying at times since most people think WAY to highly of their stuff, but I have been able to find quite a few sweet deals too. It just takes diligence and an app on your phone ha ha! Well, about a month ago I wandered over to the Arts & Crafts category and found a few gems that happened to all be listed by the same person who lives in my same town :)
This was the first draw for me contacting this lady. It's the Baby Lock Hand Knitting System - a household knitting machine! These were designed to be used even if you had never knitted anything before. You just load the yarn in the machine and it does the knitting. The box advertises that it will knit 1" per minute, which is pretty darm quick knitting.
The machine itself looks like the insides of a piano, lol. It lists number ever so often and if you slidei the pins down you can see the needles:
How cool are they? The kit includes an instructional VHS - good thing I still have a VCR! It even included this taped to the inside flap of the box:
The original receipt! It was bought in Melbourne, FL in January of 1989 and they paid over $200 for it. Imagine how much that would be in today's money, right? One of these days I'll get to actually try this baby out. I was able to snag this for only $25! How could I pass it up?!
The same lady also had these. I thought the listing sounded intriguing, so I looked them up and knew I had to have them. These are the BonFit Patterners. This is a "make your own pattern" kit. If you know about sewing, it would basically be a "sewing block", meaning a base pattern. It is designed that it will get you a basic pattern shape for your size and then they show you how to alter the base pattern to spice it up and make pretty much anything you want :)
The box contains lots of plastic pattern pieces. They have sliders that connect certai parts together and allow you to change what the pattern's measurements are, so this works for most sizes - I think it went from a 36" up to a 50" bust.
The pants kit had the same type of adjustable pattern pieces. Both kits include instructions and a VHS. The tapes have never even been opened. I can't wait til I have things set up better to where I can actually give these a try. And since i paid $10 for both kits, I certainly got a great deal :)

As always, anytime I go to a thrift store, I always check the craft section. I got these over a month ago, but I just had to share here because some of them are too funny!
I got some 1980s Needlework & Crafts magazines, some crochet pattern bookelts and a tailoring book. I LOVE the Granny Zoo pattern book on the top - it's all crocheted animals that are made using granny squares! This would be perfect for beginners who have only ever made squares - you just sew them together in a certian way and you have a cute animal. I can't wait to make one.
Just for good measure, I had to show this sexy number. I know you are jealous that I have this pattern and ou don't. If anyone out there needs a crocheted mesh jumpsuit with a curled fringe waist, just let me know and I might be persuaded to share the pattern :)

So, that's just a bit of what I've found lately. Have you found anything interesting?

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