Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Last Weekend Catch Up

Well, Memorial Day weekend was quite busy for me this year. Things kicked off with a bang as I got to attend my brother-in-law's baptism Saturday night - Congratulations Nick! Then we went to dinner at Dixie Crossroads, where I tried rock shrimp for the first time - holy cow, they are delicious! Like little lobsters :) Sunday was filled with house yardwork. My husband borrowed a chainsaw and started cutting out several dangerously placed smaller trees, neatening up others. It's incredible how much of a difference just removing an opressive object can make, even if it's not huge. While he hacked away, I worked on my next furniture project.
This lovely dresser is another item I got when my friend Brenna moved to Saudi Arabia. I've had it for months just waiting for me to figure out what to do with it. After muc hdeliberation, I have decided it would go perfectly in my sewing room, so it is being painted white.

Before I could start painting, I had to remove the hardware - no easy task with these. The little round drawer handles just screwed off like normal, but the longer handles on the bottom drawers were just forced in the holes. I had to take a screw driver and hammer them out from the opposite side. I decided i would try being frugal and using the gallon of Kilz I had on hand and just roll it on. Not only did it not cover very well, but it was also a huge mess and a weird texture. So, I ended up using a can of Kilz spray paint I had instead and was much happier with the results.
This is the base with one coat of Kilz rolled on and another coat of Kilz spray on most of it. Sadly, I only had the one can of Kilz spray paint, so I had to stop after the one coat. It covered fairly well, but it definitely needs another coat. Also I haven't even started the drawers. I'm still trying to decide what to do to this piece once it's all made white. Since the étagère is all white (and therefor pretty plain) and the desk has a coral pink top, I am wanting to combine the white and pink somehow here. I'm playing with photoshop to see which way I like, but I will let the final decision stay a surprise for the big reveal :) I can't wait to get this in the room, as it will really help with getting things more organized in there and make the room almost complete. Hizzah!

Sunday night we met a friend of mine for mini golf with her kiddos :) Monday started off with a trip to Lowe's for yard supplies and more Kilz spray paint. We even got another confederate star jasmine fo rthe front of the house! We ran some other errands and then finally started mowing our jungle of a yard. We spent 3 hours out there, Justin dragging the big limbs and pieces he cut and me mowing. It's amazing the difference a clean yard makes in how the yard feels! Also, it's amazing how long it takes to mow my yard with a push mower. I had never mowed any yard ever before, and I am happy to say that I did a crack shot job :) My yard feels bigger and even the dog was happy with the results - he kept running to roll on the freshly mowed sections.

So, while I don't have any pictures to show of fancy finished objects, we really did accomplish a ton this weekend. So much so that my husband has declared that next weekend we can work inside - yay for air conditioning!

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