Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Keep Track of Your Reading with Goodreads

One of the hardest parts of joining The Thousander Club has been trying to remember all of the books that I have already read! I've been reading above 8th grade level for longer than I can remember (fyi - 8th grade level or higher is part of the club guidelines for the book to count), and I used to get books from the library all the time as a kid.

As I was counting my books and discovering "my number", I knew there had to be a better way to keep track other than my not-so-great memory. So, I asked The Thousanders - how do they keep track? Cortney (one of the group leaders) recommended Goodreads.
Goodreads is a website/app designed to keep track of your reading and share with your friends. You can list books you've read, give them a star rating and review, what you are currently reading, what you want to read, see what your friends are reading, have books recommended based on your likes and much more. I'm still learning all the different features of this site and it's lots of fun. I like to use the app on my iPhone and I love the "scan" feature. You can scan the barcode of a book and see the reviews, ratings, etc as well as add it to your own library.

As I've racked my brain to remember books I've read, I am up to 184 books I've read. I know that I'm missing some, so I'm guessing it's closer to 200, but until I remember what they are I'm just going to go with the ones in my Goodreads library. You can even join The Thousander Club Goodreads Group and be connected with me and all the other group members to see what we are reading :)

So, check out this app if you're getting more into reading like me :)

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