Thursday, May 30, 2013

FreshStitches Ravelry Group 1st Birthday - With A Free Pattern For Members!

My favorite crochet animal designer, Stacey from FreshStitches, is celebrating the 1st birthday of the FreshStitches group on Ravelry today! Ravelry is a free online community for knitters and crocheters where you can buy patterns, show off your makes, keep track of your supplies and more. I LOVE Ravelry and my favorite group I am in is undoubtedly the FreshStitches Group. Everyone there is so nice and you get to see all the latest cute animals being made all around the world - it's such a fun place!

So, in honor of the Ravelry group's 1st birthday, Stacey is giving the group members a birthday present! She has posted a code in this group thread that will get you your choice of one of the following patterns for free!
It's such a hard decision! I went with the flamingo pattern since I have patterns similar to the others already, but all of them are so cute! I was very torn :)

If you would like to join in the fun even more, you can take a photo of you with a FreshStitches animal you've made wearing party hats and post it in the group :) I had a little photo shoot this morning with some of my crocheted friends.
Me and Shirley the Alpaca :)
My latest little guy (as yet unblogged!)
Even if you haven't had the chance to make any yet, just stop by and with the group a Happy B-Day and join in the fun! 

Just in case my directions weren't clear enough, here is a step by step on how to get your free pattern:
  1. Join Ravelry or sign into your account here (don't worry, it's free).
  2. Go here and become a member of the FreshStitches group.
  3. Go to this group thread and scroll to comment #29 to get the code.
  4. Choose 1 of the 4 free patterns (you can access them all with the links above). Click the "Buy It Now" button. When the payment window pops up, click the "Use a coupon code" link. Put in your code on the next screen and it will change you total to $0.00, then finish checking out.
  5. Download your awesome new pattern and get crocheting!
So, come over to the FreshStitches group and join in the fun! The code is only valid until midnight tonight, so get it while it's good!

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