Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Yet Another Furniture Score...

Well, I finally wrapped up another furniture deal yesterday. It took a few days to get together and pick up the item, so I didn't want to get my hopes up until it was in my hot little hands :)

I got this through the Mommy Market group on Facebook. Actually, it was brought to my attention by a friend (thanks Liz!) on the group and happily it all worked out. I don't think Mommy Market is everywhere, so just to give you a quick rundown - Mommy Market is a secret group on Facebook. Usually there is one for specific areas - the one I am in is the Cocoa, PSJ, Titusville, Mims group and you are only eligible to join if you are in that area. Basically Mommy Market is like a private Craig's List and it is full of only items that other 'mommies' would be interested in - baby, kids, and womens' clothes; baby products; furniture; accessories; etc. Basically anything the local moms would be interested in buying. I only recently became a member and I've already seen everything from Coach purses to bedroom furniture to baby toys on there.

So, what did I get? Have a look:
I snagged this glider chair and ottoman for just $20! It definitely is used and the cushions are pretty stained up, but the frame is sound and works great. Before you ask again, no I am not prego. I just know I will be sometime in the future and I like to be prepared :) I wanted to go ahead and get one of these if I could find it for a good price because I have plans to transform it into this:
I found this tutorial on Pinterest a long time ago and have wanted to make my own ever since. Talk about a transformation, right?! The link shows how to do everything to make this transformation - foam covering, fabric measuring, etc - and it really makes a great looking piece of furniture (and so much more modern than just the plain old glider chair).

So, one of these days I will get to work on this project. I'm sure it won't be very soon, but I'm very excited for whenever I finally get the chance :)

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