Monday, April 1, 2013

My Latest Scores and Deals

Well, it's been a great week few weeks for me as far as acquiring furniture and such goes. I figured I would brag about share what I've been able to snag :)

Last weekend, I got the Craig's List deal of a lifetime - for real, I am not even kidding. I happened to open up the app on my phone while I was at work and the 2nd item listed in the furniture section in my area was this couch. This man had just purchased a model home that came fully furnished (it had been staged to entice the potential buyers), but his wife wanted to pick her own furniture. So, they listed their only-sat-on-by-potential-home-buyers couch for $100. Check it out:
The light in this picture isn't great, but how fantastic is the condition of this couch! There is not a scratch or a stain or even a dent in the cushions on this baby. It's the dark stained wood that we love and the brown and blue matches all the rest of our stuff. This was seriously the score of a lifetime and I absolutely love it. Oh, and it's super comfy too :)

While we were picking up the couch, the man said they were eventually planning to also sell the matching chairs, but since I had driven so far to get it (about 1 hour and 15 minutes south of me), he would go ahead and let me take the chairs for $50 each if I wanted. I jumped on that almost before the words were out of his mouth! Check these out:
They coordinate with the pillows on the couch back and are just as nice and comfy and brand new. So, these will be going in our main living room while our couch set we already had will go in the room with the fireplace.

Also, we finally picked up a bunch of furniture from Justin's Grandma's house. His parents have been storing it in their garage for months and it was time to free that space up for them again. Though, look at my garage now:
I've even filled it more by now, so it's pretty packed at the moment. These are all pieces that I'm going to spruce up so we didn't want to bring them in the house yet. Check out the right side there - we have a second fridge! Woo hoo :) It will look pretty ridiculous in there by the time we bring our big freezer too, but man will we have some cold food and drinks :)

I also hit up a few yard sales lately. First was the sale to benefit the THS Project Graduation this year and it was held at St. Teresa's Catholic Church. To be honest, they were pretty pricey on most everything (I bet they ended up with a lot of excess at the end), but I did manage to find a few pieces:
All of these are destined for spray painting :) As much as I love Pocahontas, that tin will become a dog food can. I thought that organizer would come in handy for the sewing room, and the little shelf will go well somewhere I'm sure. The little ceramic shaped there are wall hangings and they have a scroll design on them, so they will make a nice little accent somewhere too.

Last Friday I was picking up lunch at a local restaurant and  happened upon a yard sale along the way :) What luck!
I got that chair for $2 (it has a crack on the back near the seat, but I can fix it), the old school fold-down table for $2 (it's real wood so it will get a nice makeover), the magazine rack thing was $3, and a bunch of assorted patterns and such for another $1 :) 

I came across this filing cabinet at the Salvation Army for $15:
It will also be getting a nice spray paint job. It will either go in our office or in the sewing room (to hold the patterns for my Etsy store).

I also always have a gander at the back aisle clearance sections whenever I'm at Target. Last Thursday I scored big :) I got a bunch of random things, but the most notable is this guy:
This is the Simple Human Butterfly Top Stainless Steel Trash Can. Normally these are $100, but this was on clearance for $29.99! Woot woot! They even had the custom sized liners to fit this for just $3 per bag, so I grabbed all that they had (I think it was 9 bags or something). They had a small white can also in the clearance - also Simple Human Stainless Steel - and it was only $6, so I grabbed it (and all of it's 6 or so bags of clearanced liners for $1.74 each) and now it is in the downstairs bathroom :) 

I've still got a few other items pending for me to hopefully pick up this week :) I can't wait until we move in and I actually have the time to work on fixing some of these items up!

Have you found any great deals lately?

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