Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Knitting Update: The Plumbing Headband

Don't let the weird title make you think this is a weird project :) After making my sister, Marisa, her gray headband last month, she requested I make her a black one too. With all the moving and whatnot, I haven't had enough time to devote to even starting it until now. Last Friday, I had to have extensive plumbing work done on the house - as in there were 3 men working from 1:15 pm til 6:00 pm and they still didn't finish it all so they have to come back this week - so, I had a whole 5 hours to kill while they were here. I didn't want to do anything to intense (I mean, there were strangers in my house ... come on...), so I decided to listen to the entire audiobook of The Great Gatsby while knitting this headband. I guess I could just as easily call this "The Gatsby Headband", but that's not as funny :)
It kind of blends in with her hair color at the moment, but it looks cute in person :)
I used the same Blue Leaf Headband pattern (free on Ravelry) and also the same yarn (Vanna's Choice in Black) and had a blast. It was much easier to start this time around and the edges look much better than the gray one. Now that I've practiced on Marisa, I could make a nicer one for myself lol. Just kidding. 
The only change I made to this headband was that I added a button hole, which also means...
A button! I chose a vintage pearly plastic button for a little contrast. It's kind of a tan-ish white color and I rather like it. I like the look of the button so much more than just sewed together like the gray one. It looks more finished and more professional imho. 

So, there's another small knitting project completed :) I really need to get cracking with my larger projects and finish them up! These little quick and easy projects are just so gratifying!

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