Tuesday, April 9, 2013

House Update: My Bedroom Is Finished!

This was a long time coming. After all the crazy issues with my bedroom wall repairs (blogger about here), I am incredibly excited that it is all done and ready for us to move into it :) Just to recap, here is what our room looked like when we bought the house:
Icky yellow, matching trim, cream closet doors, tan closet, and nasty looking wall texture and cracks. I am thrilled to show you what it looks like now:
Isn't it pretty?! I mean, anything is better than what it was, but I really love how calm and nice everything looks now that it's done. I used Valspar's Signature in untinted Ultra White for the closet and trim (further affirming I will never buy Valspar again...) and the walls are Glidden interior paint but it's Valspar's New Day for the color).

I've purchased the curtains for the room, but not the blinds yet. I'll be putting the curtains up this evening :) Everything I do in this room just makes me more excited to get the furniture in it and see it all put together. Luckily, I won't have to wait much longer for that day to come around...

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