Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Here Is Why I've Been MIA Lately...

So, I know I have been a bad blogger the last few weeks. Everything with my house has my brain all gooey. I've been working so much that I honestly can't think when I'm finally finished, so I just read a book (while hanging out in my awesome sewing room) and then go to bed. Serious.

On the bright side, we have officially moved in! Yay! No more feeling like I'm working two jobs and then going home at night, lol. Now I just work at the place where I live which somehow feels different. Just go with it! So, moving was exhausting and I am still all bruised up from the full 4 day experience. I have been living off of ibuprofen and aspirin ever since last Tuesday (especially going up and down the stairs - my poor knees!), but it is so nice to be in my very own house :)

At least we make it a point that the bedroom is kept fairly tidy and put away, so we always have a comfy place we can just flop down at the end of the day without any additional work. Here is what it looks like with our furniture in it:
Doesn't it look serene?! Ah ... I just breathe a sigh whenever I go in there. I have plenty of further plans for in here (i.e. hang our pictures, extend the curtains to hit the floor so they don't look like high-water pants, get closet doors, etc), but it's one of the most "put together" areas of the house at the moment and I just love it.

The rest of the house is pure bedlam. Just so you can all share in the craziness that is my living situation right now, I am going to actually show you pictures of my cluttered up, post-move rooms. Brace yourselves!
First up - the office (top two photos). It's one of the worst rooms, for real. You pretty much have to move a stack to be able to walk through it. The lounge (bottom photos) is full of stuff too, but mostly blocked by the weird placement we had to do with our 3 (yes, 3) couches that are currently hanging out there.
My poor, poor kitchen. It's weird enough that I don't have doors up on the cabinets yet (I have yet to get the molding and paint them, so they are staying off for now), but add to that the bags and boxes and crap everywhere and it's pretty difficult to make dinner, lol. I did prevail though and I made a delicious corned beef on Sunday - thank heaven for crockpots! I can only imagine what this room would be like if I still had all the kitchen stuff in boxes instead of the cupboards. Yikes! Thankfully, we needed to reuse the boxes, so I unloaded them the first night we moved.
Ah, the garage. At least there is a walkway to the door, but that's pretty much all I can say about it. I can hardly get to anything let alone actually work on cleaning up any of this furniture in here. We are working on what can be put where inside the house just to create some work space in here. It's a catch 22, people. On the bright side, we did get our freezer and stand-up toolbox moved, also we moved the fridge and freezer against the wall where we wanted them; too bad you can't really open up their doors due to all the other stuff.
At least my sewing room is still mostly clear :) This room is my refuge at the end of the day. I'll work on unpacking and putting away and whatnot, but there comes a point in the night that I need to unwind and just hang out and this room is perfect for that. I even tried out a little embroidery over the weekend:
I'm working on the first project from Doodle Stitching :) I'll show my results when I have more done. So far, I really like embroidery and I'm enough of an anal perfectionist that it comes out looking pretty nice (if I do say so myself). I have plans for cute embroidered wall hangings around the house, as well as a few delightfully inappropriate ones - I was inspired by this shop on Etsy. How fantastic is that?! I definitely see raunchy embroidered gifts for my sisters this Christmas :)

So, that is why I have not been as good at blogging lately. I have done a fair amount of reading though. I am contemplating posting reviews of the books I read, is that something anyone would be interested in? Or would it be the moment you click over to another blog? Let me know! I can't decide!

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