Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Did You Know Craftsy Has FREE Classes?

Well... did you? I know I mention them from time to time, but I haven't really spotlighted any of them in a while so I figured it was time to let you know about some of their new ones :)
Personally, the zipper Gods have smiled on me with the Mastering Zipper Techniques class. I've been a reader of Sunni Standing's blog for a while and she is a wealth of info - for real. This class has answered so many questions about putting in zippers, I just can't even list them all. I really can't believe it's free - it's a class I would easily pay for because it's just that good (and you all know how cheap I am). If you haven't watched this class yet, Get your butt over here and get it now for free :)
My second fav free class (that I have already watched) is easily Sewing Machine 911. I'll be honest - the teacher isn't the most engaging person in the world to watch. She is very informative, but a little dry. That said, this class is still very much worth your time. Even though I have been sewing since I was little (I was actually enrolled in classes and a kid), I had quite a few, "OH, so that's why it gets jammed," moments when she talks about troubleshooting. There is even a nifty quick reference guide that you can print out and keep by your machine - seriously invaluable. And it's a free class! Go here to get it now!

I'll tell you a little secret - I snag all the free Craftsy classes as soon as I see them. Even if it's not something I may need, you never know what I may decide to dally in later on. I've actually seen a few of the free classes only be offered for a limited time (I even have one that they no longer offer - but I can still watch it!), so I make sure to get them quick.
I'm also very interested in the Sewing Machine Feet from A to Z class as my new machine came with every foot you could want. I know what they do in theory, but I am excited to see them in action. I much prefer a visual than a paragraph about it.

I highly recommend you head over to Craftsy and snag these free classes for yourself! You don't have to watch them now - watch whenever you want ... forever! It's the best thing going in craft classes, let me tell you. I can't wait to see what free ones they release next!

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