Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Knitting Update: I Made A Headband!

A few weeks ago my little sister sent me a photo of a knitted headband and asked if I could make her some. I was so shocked that she would be asking me for a knitted item that of course I said yes :) It took a week or so to find the pattern, but it turned out to be the Blue Leaf Headband by Adrienne Krey and it is even a Free pattern on Ravelry :) I started it last weekend, but kept messing up on the beginning (user error - I wasn't reading the pattern enough) so I would pull it out and start afresh. I only got a few inches done then. Yesterday, Justin had to have a procedure done on his back where he would have to be heavily sedated - meaning I needed to drive him and wait in the waiting room for a few hours. Perfect time to get a little knitting done!
This is such a cute and easy pattern! It only took me about 2 hours total to make (once I finally read the pattern correctly), and it was really fun to do. I love little projects because they give great satisfaction in such a short amount of time :)
Since Marisa requested gray, I dug through my stash and she chose this Vanna's Choice in Charcoal. I actually really like this yarn for this project. If it was really soft, it wouldn't hold its place in her hair. If it was more rough, it wouldn't feel comfortable on her ears. Also, she can wash this and not have to worry about ruining it like she would with real wools.
I love that it looks braided and also has the lace details. It looks much more complicated than it is and I always love that. It's all just knit, purl, ssk, k2tog and make 1. You have to pay attention to the make 1s because there is a M1R and M1L - both different and described in the pattern. I kept doing the wrong m1 each time and that's why I had to keep starting over.

I'm really happy with how this little guy came out and I'm actually excited to make her another one once I get the yarn - this time she wants black. I didn't know before today, but she is actually leaving tomorrow to visit her boyfriend in West Virginia, so I really finished this at the perfect time! Don't you just love it when that happens?


  1. That pattern is lovely! And you definitely finished it at the perfect time - how sweet of you!

  2. Thanks so much :) It was definitely meant to be on the timing - I doubt I could have planned it so well!


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