Monday, March 4, 2013

House Update: See My New Sewing Room!

I'm so excited about the final progress I made this weekend - my sewing room is done! It's the first room that has been completely finished and I am thrilled to pieces, seriously :) So, without further ado, this is my new sewing room:

 Isn't it cute?! The color is much more like the bottom photo - the sun in the background was messing with the colors on the camera. I seriously adore being in this room now :) Here is a recap of the progress shots.
Pretty decent improvement from that drab blue color with all the mismatched trim colors. The new wall color is Icy Mint by Valspar and the moldings and closet are Ultra White by Valspar (I got all of them while they had a $5 mail in rebate - score!). And the closet! Seriously, why would you have a closet any color but white? It just looks so clean and fresh.
These after photos were after I even went around the floor with a latex paint remover and scraped off all the spills from the previous owners. They were seriously the worst painters ever. That paint was everywhere. We even had to pain the ceiling and it looks so great. And isn't it crazy what a difference just painting that chair rail white makes? You wouldn't think it would matter that much, but the before vs after pics don't lie.

Over the last week, I had been taking car loads of my crafting stuff over to the house and moving it into the downstairs rooms in preparation of finishing. Once I scraped the paint and put Orange Glow on the floor, I started hauling it all upstairs. Basically, I got my workout for the day - for real! I made at least 20 trips up my steep staircase all while carrying boxes and bags of fabric and yarn and supplies. I put most of it in the closet and I've still got to work out some of the bags of stuff, but it's all contained so I can still figure out the furniture situation without having to move a bunch of stuff each time. I even brought a comfy butterfly chair up there I haven't used since college just so I would have somewhere to sit and hang out if I felt like it :)

So, I have one room done and ready for moving in :) We also made more progress on other places this weekend that I will report later once I get the pics off my phone. In the meantime, I'll just stare at pictures of my fabulous room and dream of when I'm moved in and can put everything in its place :)


  1. Meg I love it!!
    The color is awesome :)

  2. Looks amazing Megan! I'm sure you're exhausted working on all of these projects. Way to push through and get 'er done! So excited to see 'before and after' shots of everything :)


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