Friday, March 15, 2013

House Update: My Bedroom is Painted!

My bedroom at the new house has been one of the biggest projects we had to tackle. Here is what it looked like when we bought the house.
Not only was it painted a putrid shade of yellow, it also had some actual problems. I don't think you can see it in the photos, but in between the 2 big windows was the biggest wall mess you've ever seen. At some time, the previous owners had to fix something about the chimney (which is right behind that wall), so they cut out a hug area of the wall and ceiling. The problems arise from how they decided to "fix" the wall. I use quotations because seriously what they did just made it look worse and it would have been easier to make presentable if they had just done nothing. It took much deliberation, but my mom and I finally fixed the cracks (with lots of spackle and caulk and sanding), and we distracted the eye from the horrible repair job they did by spraying more texture over it (we used the orange peel texture you can buy in a can). It's still not totally fixed, but it is 150% better looking than what they had done. Once we finally got that hashed out and filled the other zillion holes in the wall around the room, we were finally ready to paint.
I had to post this picture to show the horrible tan color of the closet. The closet in the sewing room had the same icky tan color. Yuck - tan closets. Well, not anymore!
Since the walls were such a horrific shade of yellow before and there were a few spots that looked like old mold they had tried to paint over, we erred on the safe side and painted the entire room with Kilz. I took photos of it because I was already so thrilled with the difference. Ah, fresh and clean white walls :) I never thought i would like white walls, but anything is better than these were, so I have to appreciate them.

The next step was actual paint. We had agreed that we wanted a subtle color in our room this time around (my husband was pretty sick of our bright green bedroom we have now), so we both decided on this fresh light blue. The color is Valspar's New Day but I had it mixed in Glidden paint. I wasn't really happy with how much paint I seemed to need in the Valspar so I tried the Glidden - seriously we have light half a gallon left and we painted the whole huge room. To put it in perspective, my sewing room is about 2/3 the size of the master bedroom and we only have maybe 1/8 of a gallon left of the mint green. Plus the Glidden was almost $10 cheaper. I am officially a Glidden fan :) Anyway - here is our room with the blue painted:
Ah, doesn't it look great?! I love it. We have to do a little touching up with the blue still and we still have to paint the closet and the molding white. I'm hoping to get that knocked out this weekend, but we shall see. I also have to get some sort of curtain situation figured out. This room is one of my big goals to finish before we move in and my husband sleeps in the day so curtains are an absolute must.

I'm so excited for the progress we've made and I'm even more excited to get it all finished!

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