Friday, March 1, 2013

*Expired* Enter To Win Free Prescription Glasses from Firmoo!

I am so happy about my post today :) I was contacted by Firmoo to see if I wanted to host a giveaway on my blog for a Free pair of prescription glasses! Of course, I jumped at the chance, especially since I have been so happy with my pair from them.

If you've read my blog for any amount of time, you may remember the pair of prescription sunglasses I received from them back in September.
This photo was just after I got them, but I still use these no joke everyday and I don't know how I ever functioned without them. Especially in the Florida sun! And it's not even summer yet! Anyway, Firmoo is a wonderful company that provides designer quality glasses for a fraction of the cost. They offer prescription and regular glasses, sunglasses or clear, all forms of lens coatings ... you name it and they have it and all for so much cheaper than you can find in a store. Like I said, I wear my sunglasses EVERYDAY and they have still held up and look just as good as when I got them :)

I also love their designs. I'll admit that I was hesitant at first when I learned about Firmoo since their glasses are their own brand (not usual brand names you find in a store), but now that I have held them in my hot little hands, I am a believer. Their styles are so cute :)
Check out the temples on these!
And these are so sophisticated looking :)

They have many more styles too - don't let my affinity for plastic frames make you think that's all they carry :)  They have men's, women's and unisex designs. You really just have to go here to see their selection for yourself to take it all in :)

Also, if you've never ordered glasses online before, I have a few tips for you to make sure you will love what you get.

  1. You will need not only your prescription, but also your pupilary distance (PD) to make an order. Your print out from the eye doctor will not include the PD, so you will need to ask for that in particular. Any place that sells glasses can tell you what it is - it's why they have you look into that little machine.
  2. To know the size of the glasses I was looking at (to make sure they weren't too small for my face, etc), I used a millimeter gauge to measure all the main areas. Firmoo's item description will list the mm lengths for the glasses you are looking at buying so it's nice to have a visual comparison you can hold and try on just to make sure you will like them.
Those are just my own little processes to make things easier :)

So, how would you like to win your own pair of glasses from Firmoo?
I have 1 voucher for a Free pair of their standard glasses (to be selected from here). Designer glasses and sunglasses do not apply. And I also have a few vouchers for $30 off their new Designer Eyeglasses to some other winners!

To enter:
*Mandatory* - Leave a comment on this post saying which pair of their glasses you would love to have! Please make sure I can reach you through your comment to let you know if you won. If you are not a normal blogger user, just leave your email in the comment.

*Optional* Additional Entries:
  • 'Like' Firmoo on Facebook and leave an additional comment to say that you did.
  • Free entry for Firmoo site users - just comment with your email associated with your account.
  • Share, Re-Blog, or Tweet about this giveaway and leave a comment with the link to your post.
The Fine Print:
This giveaway will remain open until Sunday, March 10th at Midnight EST. Only one entry per method per person - this will be verified. The grand prize winner will be emailed a voucher for a free pair of glasses from Firmoo. If the giveaway reaches over 60 entries, this will also include the shipping; if there are less than 60 entries, the winner will be responsible for the shipping costs. 3 second prize winners will receive a voucher for $30 off any pair of Firmoo's Designer Glasses. The vouchers will be good for 2 months from the launch of this giveaway. This giveaway is valid worldwide as long as Firmoo ships to your country. Go here to make sure that your country is included.

So, leave a comment here by Sunday, March 10th at Midnight EST to enter!

Good Luck, Everyone!

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