Monday, March 11, 2013

Crochet Update: Meet Mr. Peanut!

In the little time I have between working on things at my house, I still like to make up my little crocheted friends. I've gotten so used to making them now that they are a great stress reliever and I can make them while I decompress at night and watch tv. So, don't think I'm slacking! I made this guy last week and I just got to take pic yesterday. This is Mr. Peanut the Elephant :)
Isn't he super cute?! He is from the book Crocheted Softies by Stacey Trock. He has been on my list of 'to makes' for a while, but I didn't have the right color of gray yarn. Then last weekend I looking at furniture at the SPCA thrift store and they had 5 new/old skeins of Patons Canadiana in Gray :) At $1 each (and no funky thrift store smell to them) I snatched them up with a hutch I got - I'll post about it soon.
 Here's his close up. I love how his nose has a built in curve so it's not just sticking out Pinocchio style. I put his eyes a little lower and closer together than the example picture in the book and I think it makes him look happier :)
Check out his cute little tail! In case you didn't know, Mr. Peanut is an African elephant. The book classifies all the animals by what continent they are from, plus the African and Asian elephants have several differences (most notably the Asian elephant has floppy ears).
Here he is au naturale. When I finished him, I just felt he needed a tie, don't as me why.
The pattern is called Peanut the Elephant, but in my opinion any man who is wearing a bow tie deserves the distinction of the title of Mister, amiright?
The bow tie was a hodge-podge of patterns and my own creation. Here is my pattern I made up:
  1. ch 51 and then sc 1 into the 2nd st from the hook and 43 more, ch2, and sc2. Weave in ends. *50 ch was what went around my guy's neck, so you can adjust this accordingly.
  2. For the bow: ch 20, join to 1st ch with sc (to make continuous spiral). sc in each stitch for 3 rows. Weave in ends.
  3. ch 8, sc into 2nd ch from hook and 6 more. Wrap small piece around center of larger tube piece (from step #2) and sew together with ends. Weave in ends.
  4. For the button: Make a magic ring, sc 6 into ring, pull ring to tighten, sl st to join. Use ends to tie button onto neck piece in appropriate spot so it lines up with the button hole.
I originally planned on making a long neck tie, but it just didn't look right, so I went with the bow. Now I call this is formal attire :) And it's removable, so I can use it on different animals to add some panache :)

I'm really happy with how this guy came out. He was really easy to make and really brightened my crazy week :)

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