Monday, March 11, 2013

Crochet Update: Meet Cuddles the Cuttlefish!

This guy was such a quick make! I went to the nursing home with my family yesterday to visit my Grandfather and I literally didn't start him until we left. I had all the pieces made after the visit and watching The Walking Dead. I just had to put him together afterward last night :)
Isn't he the cutest! This was made with the Cuttlefish pattern from Amigurumi Toy Box by Ana Paula Rimoli. This is the second pattern I've made from the book and it was really simple to make up. Just like Tree Love (also from the same book) - there was A LOT of sewing pieces on. But it wasn't really terrible since he's so cute :)
 Here he is from the back.
And here's from the bottom. Because the legs are sewn on, they can stand up or fan out which is cool. I also really love the little embroidered mouth :) It's kind of a pain to do since I"m not used to it, but it's so worth it since it really adds personality to the finished product.
The true test was when I handed Cuddles to Luke and he immediately hugged him :) He's all about hugging everything now and putting it right in his mouth. So, I call that baby approved :)

I'm so happy with the two pieces I've made so far that I'm really excited to make another pattern from this book :)

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