Friday, March 29, 2013

Crochet Update: Meet Chiquito Rene the Monster!

Since I had a little time after I finished Marisa's headband when my husband had a back procedure done, and also since all my other crafting supplies are at my new house, I decided to make up my FreshStitches Monster Kit :) Let's be honest, I've been dying to make him up. This is a pattern I've wanted for a while and I'm sure you can see why:
I have dubbed this little guy Chiquito Rene :) One of the guys I work with is named Rene and when I brought it to work to show off, my other coworker Sandy said he looked just like Rene (she said the ears and the surprised expression gave it away) and the name just stuck lol. Also, the people in question are Spanish, so of course this became Chiquito (little) Rene. The pattern is Roosevelt the Monster from FreshStitches if you want to make your own :)
Here he is from the back. The only thing I don't love is that you can see the color changes on the back. On the legs they end up facing the inside so you don't notice them when he's all put together. I need to learn a way to hide the color changes next time. 

As far as the kit goes, I really loved it. I actually ended up with more yarn than I needed (I crochet very tightly - I can't really help it) and the yarn is 100% wool. I've never made an amigurumi with anything but acrylic before and I am really surprised by the difference. This guy is much more springy than my other animals and the only difference is the wool so that must be why. So now I know that wool makes a great little stuffed animal too.

I highly recommend the kits from FreshStitches. This is my first time getting one and I am extremely happy with it. The kit includes high quality yarn and definitely all that you need for your project. These kits would be great gifts for someone who wants to try out amigurumi - you can even get a real beginner kit that includes a hook and stitch markers if you want. So keep them in mind for the crafter in your life :)

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