Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day! Meet Valentina (and My Hubby's Gift)!

I've had this little lady finished for over a week, but I wanted to save the reveal until today so we could with you all a Happy Valentine's Day!
This is Valentina :) Recently, Stacey at FreshStitches was selling Valentine Owl Kits, but since I already had the pattern I figured I would make my own. I already had the pattern (Nelson the Owl) and the yarns too, so this guy was completely made out of my stash.

Here's the back view.
I seriously love the tail on this pattern - it's so cute!
Since I was copying the owl from the kit, I went in search of a small heart I could make and the one from this pattern worked great :)

In other Valentine's Day news, due to our weird schedules my husband and I celebrated yesterday. I surprised him with these:
Take a closer look ...
They're made of bacon! I was inspired by Pinterest and sort of followed a tutorial I found there, but I Had to do a little improvising to make it actually work. They came out awesome and he really loved them, so it's a win win! I'll do a mini tutorial here soon on how I did it (and I didn't have to ruin any pans in the process).

We also went to one of my favorite restaurants last night for dinner. If you live in the Orlando area, check out Cypriana - seriously fantastic Greek food! I get to eat my leftovers for lunch today and I'm told I have a surprise arriving some time as well :)

I hope you all have a very Happy Valentine's Day :)

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