Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Adventure Time House Party (and Crochet Update!)

So, I have been so crazy this last few months that I don't think I even mentioned that I won another party kit from HouseParty.com :) This time, my motives were very unselfish. I saw that they were offering an Adventure Time: Fiona and Cake party, I knew my husband would be thrilled if I could get it. Adventure Time is his favorite show and we watch it together every week. I know, we're nerds; but it's really funny :)

So, in honor of my party, I decided to make a few new crocheted items :) I mean, why not, right? So, I've had this first one finished since January 29th, but I wanted to unveil him with the party. This is my very own Jake the Dog!
If you (or any young people you know) watch Adventure Time, you will recognize this guy as the magical dog (one of the main characters) and the best friend of Finn the Human.
I love how his eyes came out :) It really does look just like him (see him here). I used this pattern by Teresa Alvarez on which was Free on Ravelry :) Can't beat that!
Here is the back view too. He's actually pretty big - much larger than my other animals I've made which is nice. It switches things up a bit.
Here is my husband (dressed as Finn in his hat I made him) with his best bud, Jake :)
And my dad decided to demonstrate the other uses for Jake. He's quite cushy :)
This was my kit I received from HouseParty.com. It included the latest Adventure Time DVD (with Finn Hat), the special new episode on DVD (along with a few others on it too), temporary tattoos, Stop Bullying bracelets, comic books, and VIP passes with neck holders.
My little brother really enjoyed the party as well :) He got to be BMO - minus the Finn hat. His hat actually came in my kit, but since I already made Justin one, I let Briggs keep that one. He even wore it to school.
 This is the other item I made - a Fiona hat :) I made it using the Adventure Time Fiona Hat pattern by Deedra Hickman - another Free pattern on Ravelry. Score! This was a very easy project and I made it in a couple of hours while watching a movie.This was the finishing touch on my outfit.
 See?! We were Finn and Jake and Fiona and Cake (Cake is the cat on my balloon - which was included in my party pack).
The whole purpose of this party was to have everyone see the new Fiona and Cake episode - a full week before anyone else :) Woo hoo! How elitist are we? This was the tv all decked out with Cake balloons. Honestly, the episode was a bit of a let down, but it was ok. Most of our fun was in the extras included with the party pack.
We wanted Gordo to be included in the fun, so Justin tied a balloon to his harness. We thought he would just be a walking balloon weight, but oh no. He decided he must attack this balloon and it was so funny!
Overall, our favorite part of the party was the 'press wall' where we could take our picture. It was just a digital download and I printed out each page and taped them to the wall. Here are a few of our shots from the wall:
Here's Briggs rockin' it as BMO.
 Justin and I had to prove how nerdy we really are...
 My sister decided she would make a doofy face in all the photos.
 And we had to include the Gordo :)
 This one I just had to post because Marisa's face is ridiculous :)
 Briggs finally put the hat on Marisa's head and we made her hold Jake. As you can tell, she was not happy about it. As soon as I took this photo, I knew who it reminded me of.
You have to admit, she has a crazy resemblance to Grumpy Cat :)

We had so much fun with this House Party! Even with our crazy schedules (the party was hosted the Saturday just after we closed on our house), it was totally worth it. As always, this House Party was a big hit and I'm so glad I was chosen to participate!

*I received my party pack for free from HouseParty.com, but all opinions expressed are 100% my own :)

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