Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Slug Update: Size Comparison

I was asked by a fellow Slug-a-long-er on Ravelry to post photos to compare the size of my Slug-o-saurus with the rest of the Slungington Family :) How could I refuse?
 From left to right: Slug-o-saurus (super bulky + worsted weight), Mr. + Mrs. Slugington (worsted weight + size 3 thread), Juniper (2 strands of size 3 thread), Leo and Winnie (size 3 thread alone).

Since I didn't use just standard worsted weight on any of them, I don't have a definite size comparison of what the original pattern size looks like verses the Slug-o-saurus. So, I took a photo of him with the 2 surrounding sizes. The 2 smaller slugs in the picture below would be slightly bigger and slightly smaller than a regular worsted weight slug.
I love seeing all my slugs together :) I still can't believe I got that many finished!

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