Thursday, January 24, 2013

Pinspirations: Week 2

So, I was a little delinquent in my Pinspirations posts - already! Man, I hope I can do better :) Here are a few pins I've tried and loves lately:
This pin was seriously life changing when I first found it months ago and I do this at least once a month as my "bad stain" pile builds up. If you have any type of stain, try this before you throw the garment out. The pin says it's for pit stains - I have used this trick on that for a thrift store top and it looked as good as new! Also, this recently saved one of my favorite skirts. I went to wash it and noticed some brown staining on it (probably that bled off a rag or something in the hamper). So, I combined 1 part regular Dawn dish soap, 2 parts hydrogen peroxide, and a little shake of baking soda to give it extra staying power. I brushed the mixture into the stains with a toothbrush and then let it sit for 30 minutes before putting into the wash like normal. Good as new! You would n ever know there were stains there :) This also is great for those ghosty marks that fabric softener can leave if it accidentally got directly on the fabric. This is one of the pins I am most glad I found and I highly recommend it!
This pin is a little bit of a cop out because I've known about this trick for a long time (Also, I don't do this personally anymore, but I can vouch that it works!). If you have an old sweater that has pilled from washing and friction over time (little balls of fluff built up on it), you can actually use a new disposable razor. Lightly rake the razor over your sweater and it will de-fuzz quickly and easily :) They also make little clothing shavers - I use the Dritz model and it works great. It does the same thing.

Have you ever tried either of these tricks? Let us know your results!

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