Sunday, January 13, 2013

Crochet Update: Meet Sylvia Snail

And yet another illness-related crochet project - this is Sylvia :)
I made her using the Milton the Slowpoke Snail pattern from Crocheted Softies by Stacey Trock.
Don't you love her shell?
And her little snaily foot? I think the foot is cute even inf it does make it hard for her to stand up straight :)
I modified the pattern because I knew I wanted to make Sylvia super girly. I used the mouth piece from the alien pattern and then when attaching it I pinched it down to make the dimple on the top of the lip and sewed the yarn through from side to side to tighten it up and make a great pucker. For her eye lashes, I came up through the head (before I stuffed it) made a zig zag leaving the strings long above the eye (I went up, down then up again). Next I tied the lashes into the head before cutting the loops apart and putting fray check on the ends. I threaded the yarn through the loops on the back of the eye balls, which I am honestly not totally in love with but if I hadn't done that they wouldn't have stayed up like they do. I love the result from the front though :)

I absolutely love how my snaily gal came out! I think down the road I will have to make her a man friend snail :)

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