Sunday, January 6, 2013

Crochet Update: Meet Sheila

Let me start off by saying - if your name is Katrina, you need to stop reading this right now! I've made this as a surprise for my good friend's birthday.

Ok, so this is my latest (and seriously quick) animal - Sheila the Oyster. I made her using the Stuart the Clam pattern from FreshStitches. I picked up the pattern when it was on sale and knew exactly what I needed to do and why :)
Meet Sheila :) Way back in high school (seriously like 10 years ago), my friend Katrina had to do a report on oysters. To make her report more interesting, she made a puppet out of styrofoam covered in felt and called it Sheila. Sheila was then the one to give the report to the class (and in a New York accent, mind you). Sheila was well known among our friends and Katrina kept her for a long time, but eventually she disintegrated. So, I knew I had to make a replacement as soon as I saw this pattern :)
I tacked the tongue down onto the bottom shell piece so they will move together when the puppet is talking.
Both shell piece and both eyes are open at the back so you can insert your fingers and bring Sheila to life.
Don't you love it?! I wish that I lived closer to Katrina just so I could see her face when she opens it up :) Her birthday isn't until February, so the suspense is already killing me. Hopefully she likes it when she gets it!

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