Monday, January 28, 2013

Crochet Update: It's a Slug-o-saurus!

I have completed the biggest animal I have ever made! I was inspired by some of the others on the Slug-a-long discussion wall. It seems that giant slugs are sweeping Ravelry. So, I pulled out my stash of Hometown USA super bulky yarn to take part in the gigantic fun. 
I call him ... Slug-o-saurus! As soon as I finished him, I thought of Insectosaurus from Monsters vs Aliens and knew the name homage would be fitting :) I think it's their same blank stare.
I not only used super bulky yarn, I also used a strand of worsted weight with it (the gray with the sparkles) and used them as one strand. This guy seriously took way longer than my other slugs - you try threading super bulky yarn AND worsted weight yarn into the same regular sized darning needle. Yeah, it was hard. But it was so worth it now that I have the result! Slug-o-saurus weighs 1 lb and measures 9" from foot to antennae, 5" wide on the body, and 6.75" wide at both eyes.
Here's the side view.
And the dead slug view.
Here is a close-up of the yarn - the gray is sparkly :)

I'm so pleased with my impromptu submission to the slug-a-long!

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