Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas Project - The 'Boobie' Scarf

*If you aren't a fan of PG-13 style humor, I suggest you don't read this post. That is all :)

Back when I was new to Pinterest, there was a photo going around that inspired this whole project. My sisters and I had a running joke that we all needed one of these and I kept joking I would make them as Christmas gifts. Fast forward to this past October when I was looking around on Ravelry and came across this pattern. I knew it was meant to be because 1) my house is so cluttered that any actual sewing project was out the window and 2) I was crocheting constantly anyway so I knew I could whip this out in time for Christmas with this pattern.
The pattern is actually designed for use at birthing centers and for lactation consultants to show new mothers how to breast feed - a very worthy cause. The pattern is available for free so it makes a great quick project if you're looking for something you can donate!

Anyway, I started with a quest for the perfect boob colored yarn. My husband actually was very happy to help me on this and he is to this day very proud of his discerning color choices :) I went with Bernat Softee Baby in Soft Peach for the nipples and Red Heart Soft in Off White for the flesh color - both of which were on sale at Joann's at the time (lucky me!).
I made the 2 boobie tops first. Those nipples are hard to do! Mostly just because they are tight but it worked out great. Once I had the tops done, I crocheted into about 18 or so stitches (I can't remember exactly how many) across the edge and then just did double crochet in each stitch until the scarf was as long as I wanted it. I made mine 62" overall - I kept wrapping it around my neck to see if it was at the anatomically correct length. Once it was long enough, I then used a darning needle to sew the other boobie on to the scarf edge. Then I made the back pieces and stuffed and sewed everything together. I ended up doing most of this project in 1 night and I felt incredibly vulgar the whole time :)

So, enough technical stuff - let's see how well received my effort was on Christmas day. I tried to an get action shot of her realizing what it is...
lol Everyone was dying laughing - especially my little sister Marisa who is siting next to Shannon on the couch there. Everyone had to try it on and then Shannon experimented with the wrapping lengths to come up with the perfect way to wear it.
This was the photo she posted on instagram and it received rave reviews from her friends lol. She walked around with it in her sweater like that for most of the night and when you caught a side glance at her it was completely obscene. The best part is that Shannon is totally the type of person who would wear it in public as a normal scarf, so I can't wait to hear the stories :)

This was a huge hit and it was very simple to make. I highly recommend this for any like-minded family or friends you may have who enjoy a good joke but will carry it inappropriately to the next level. That pretty much describes my family :)

I'm working on getting pictures of the other items I made for my family - I have the finished pics but I want them with their new owners. I'll be posting them over the next week or so.


  1. Do you have this pattern? My friend has a charity that helps support woman fighting breast cancer. I'd love to be able to make some for her to sell to raise money for the group.


    1. Hi Heidi! I just used this free pattern:
      for the boobs and then used a regular double crochet stitch for the scarf part as wide as I thought looked good and as long as I wanted. It was pretty easy to do! I hope you have good luck with it :)


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