Monday, December 3, 2012

I'm Still Alive ... And I Won!

Hey folks, sorry for the crazy long blog absence this last week. I do have a good excuse though - my sister-in-law got married :) Yep, it was crazy but also lots of fun, but I think you can understand why I haven't posted for a week. 

Anyway, on Saturday night after the wedding, I went back to my hotel room and check my email to find this:
I won the November photo contest on FreshStitches! Shirley the Alpaca has won more hearts than just mine and now everyone gets to see her :) I'm so excited!

What makes this even better is that the prize for winning was any FreshStitches pattern of my choice - so I chose the Choose Your Own Dragon Adventure pattern.
Isn't it cute?! You can completely customize the dragon with different tail, horn, and eye options. You can make him with scales or with wings or whatever you want! I'm so excited to whip this guy up - I'm thinking I need an Elliot from Pete's Dragon :)

So, I had an exciting weekend! How was yours?

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