Monday, December 31, 2012

FreshStitches: 36% Off Birthday Sale!

Since I've talked so much about my cute little crocheted animals, I wanted to let you all in on this great sale :) December 31st is Stacey Trock's 30th birthday and to celebrate she is offering 36% off all her patterns on! Woo Hoo! Stacey is the designer of all of the cute little animals I've made (except for Marisa's piggy) and there are so many great designs on her blog that I've never mentioned or attempted before.
Nelson the Owl - Stacey's most popular pattern and trademark of FreshStitches :) 
To get this deal, just go here and choose the patterns you want, then use promo code STACEYS30TH at checkout to get 36% off :) This is valid only on December 31st, so make sure you grab yours while you can!

Come back and let us know which ones you got!

Here's what I got:  I went a little crazy I guess (mostly when you consider how many patterns I have already), but I just had to grab these guys since a sale is so rare for these patterns. Here are the ones I couldn't pass up!

When it came down to it, all of these use techniques that I would like to figure out. I've been eyeing them for quite a while and just had to snap them up. The clam I got specifically for a long standing joke with one of my good friends from high school :) And who wouldn't love that turkey? I'm seeing thanksgiving gifts for family members in the future. I'm so excited - I wish I could crochet faster!

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