Monday, December 31, 2012

End of the Year Report: Crocheting & Knitting

So, this year was a whirlwind as far as new skills I learned that have (obviously) changed my life :) As I wrote about before, I just learned to knit at the end of June and crochet followed in mid August. Since that time, I have been non stop with cranking out projects. Granted they have all been small ones, but they are finished objects nonetheless and I can't help but feel proud of my achievements :)

So, to go along with other knitting, sewing, crocheting bloggers out there I decided to do a full round up to show the projects and some stats from the past 6 months. Without further ado ... My Projects:
  • Lady Edged Keyhole Scarf - My first ever project. This is a moment for the history books. Look at what it started!
  • Garter Stitch Bootie - The gargantuan, ugly, single bootie. I never bothered to make it a mate.
  • Too-Tiny Baby Booties - Maybe I'll have a daughter one day and I can hang onto these for one of her dolls lol.
  • Blue Baby Hat - I saved this until my nephew was born. I put a pom pom on top and my sister says this is the only hat that fits him correctly :) So he wears it all the time.
  • Red Hat for Jack - I turned my practicing into a gift for one of my favorite little folks.
  • My First Crochet - Baby Hat - Where all the crocheting began. Look out world!
  • Cream Baby Hat - This was for baby Jerry and went with the booties below.
  • The 4 Year Lap Blanket - My serious old lady craft - Swedish Weave. I'm working on another blanket, but I think it will take just as long as this one to finish :)
  • Blue Hat for Dad (post to come) - A much requested Christmas gift for my dad.
  • Minty Teal Shell Stitch Hat with Peach Bow
  • Crocheted "Boobie" Scarf (post to come) - By far the biggest hit of my handmade Christmas gifts. I have in-action shots that are hilarious!
  • Green Tizzy Hat (post coming soon) - Another Christmas gift - man do I have things to say about this one...
  • Santa Hat for Baby (post coming soon) - I whipped this out so fast I never got to post about it. 
  • Sally the Dog - I had so much fun with the FreshStitches mystery Crochet Along. I can't wait to do the next one.
  • Broomstick Lace Scarf - This was a Christmas gift for my mom and I love how it turned out! I'm working on a post of all my finished Christmas projects, I just have to get pictures of the items with their new owners first - so that is to come!
  • Billy the Cheeky Robin
  • Manny the Raccoon
  • Black Hat for Briggs (post coming soon) - A Christmas gift for my little brother.
  • Reginald Owl (post coming soon) - I made this as a last minute Christmas gift for my sister and it was a big hit!
Whew! That's a lot of finished items :) Now for the ones that I didn't finish. Some of these are not going to get finished and others are just waiting their turn (I had to stop projects for myself so I could get my Christmas presents done). So, the UFOs (unfinished objects) are:
  • Lace Knee Socks - One of these days, I will slap these out. 
  • Long Lace Edge Scarf - This one will be frogged as soon as I need this color yarn for something. I really have no interest in making the scarf I started anymore.
  • Purple Boob Holder Sweater - Still looking forward to finishing this.
  • Bumpy Gap-Tastic Cowl - This was taking much longer than I expected so I set it aside for a while.
  • Sparkly Wristlets - These were going to be a Christmas gift for my sister (2 nights before Christmas), but I decided on making her an owl instead.
  • Hope Shawlette - Still can't wait to finish this. I had to stop for my Christmas projects.
  • Yoda Dog Hat - This is the one that I made up first and it ended up being huge, so instead of frogging it I just planned on finishing it one day but it has been sitting at the bottom of my project bag ever since.
  • Circles of Service - Basketweave Scarf - This is almost finished, I just got a little burnt out on it. The charity scarves are due next week, so I'll be posting about it soon when I finish it.
  • Cambridge Scarf - I totally love this scarf and it's the garment photo I get the most compliments on even though I've never gotten to wear it. I'm about half way done and I just got distracted from it. Hopefully I finish it while it's still cold.
Now for some statistics! Ok math geeks, this part is for you :) 
So, there you have it :) Roughly 6 months worth of a beginner's knitting and crocheting projects. I'm pretty impressed with myself and my 42 finished projects. I have so many more planned for this next year. I really want to get into making cardigans - in fact I'll post soon about a Christmas gift I got relating to that! Now that I have my gifts done, I think my projects are going to be much more selfish for a while. I deserve it, right? And now that I have a proper sewing machine, I hope to have a similar post to this for next year but with sewn items :) I'm really happy with how many new things I tried this year and I'm pretty proud of the techniques I was willing to take a stab at - it was totally to my advantage because I'm so much better now than I was when I began and it's all due to practice and challenging myself. I am officially proof that you CAN learn a skill like this if you just put in the time and try new things. So, if you've been on the fence about learning or improving on a skill or hobby, let this new year be the time you finally take the plunge! You won't be sorry!

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  1. Wow! That is a seriously impressive list! Please let me know when you do a post about the Boobie Scarf! I got such a kick out of seeing the pattern used like this, I will probably have to blog about it myself! Congrats on accomplishing so much, cannot wait to see what you make this year!


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