Sunday, December 9, 2012

Crochet Update: Meet Sally the Dog - My Mystery Revealed!

The mystery is officially over :) The FreshStitches Mystery Archer Crochet Along sent out the final clue on Thursday and I just got time to put the pieces together today.
 I've named mine Sally. Isn't she cute? I figured it had to be a girl because of he pink ears and all.
The front view. I used 15mm eyes instead of the 12mm that the patter calls for. I tried them both but this was a pretty big animal so I thought the 15s looked better.
 Look at her cute little tail!
 The rolly polly style body.
This collar was my own little addition. Once I got her all put together I knew she needed a little extra something so I free handed this collar. And I have decided to share the pattern for anyone else who wants to make a collar for their mystery animal too :)

Crocheted Dog Collar (for Archer by FreshStitches):

Collar - 
Row 1: ch
Row 2: sc into 2nd st from hook and across to end, ch 1
Row 3: sc across, ch1
Row 4 - ?: Repeat row 3 until you have reached desired length
Wrap collar around your dog and sl st into row 1, fasten off and weave in beginning ends. Cut excess and flip collar so knot is on the back. If you want, use the end nyarn to tie at the back of dog's neck to tack in place.

Tag -
Row 1: Magic Loop, sc 6 into loop
Row 2: sc 2 into each st
Fasten off. Using end yarn stitch tag onto collar.

I used fray check at the knots on my collar and tag pieces just to be safe :) I hope you enjoy the collar!

I think this came out so cute! Thanks Stacey for making such a fun crochet along. I can't wait for the next one!

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