Sunday, December 30, 2012

Crochet Update: Meet Billy the Cheeky Robin!

Well, I'm still feeling pretty crappy and I've been on a crochet kick so I decided to whip up another little guy :) This is Billy the Cheeky Robin!
I used the same pattern for Billy as I did for Milbert, I just did a little modifying. I pretty much combined the Blue Bird pattern and the Raccoon pattern from the Amigurumi Woodland Animals Class. I worked all of the increases according to the bird pattern and then followed the raccoon pattern for the color change on the tummy. I started to change colors on row 15 and didn't go back to solid brown until row 29.

I'm incredibly excited at how well this guy came out! The blue bird pattern is really the perfect body shape for a robin. Think of all the other types of birds you could make just by changing the colors like this using this simple pattern!
There is one aspect of this guy that I don't like, but it has nothing to do with my modification or the pattern. It's the stuffing. I used Joann's Eco-Friendly Fiberfill and the texture of it is just awful. It's like cotton candy - thick and hard when flattened. Every time I squeeze this guy, he gets all wonky and stays that way so I have to reshape him again and again. So, as much as I like to be eco-friendly, I think I'm going to have to just get more of my usual Walmart bad-for-the-environment-polyfill tomorrow.

I'm so glad I had the notion to try this out and that I already had the right colors on hand :) This is a great little pattern to have around and it goes together really quick (it took me about 2 hours total). So, yet another nice thing that came out of my illness :)

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