Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Craftsy: A Bunch of New Classes Released (Including 1 For Free)!

As I'm on Craftsy all the time, I notice when they have new classes posted and they have added A BUNCH over the last week :) I just wanted to make sure you all knew what cool new things you can learn (I'm totally plotting on a few myself).
Online Sewing Class
Tailoring Ready-To-Wear will teach you alteration techniques to get a great fit from clothes you buy in the store! This is something that I would love to be better at - imagine being able to get a custom fit all by yourself. Also, it plays right into one of my favorite blogs - New Dress A Day - where she buys dresses from the $1 bin at Good Will and transforms them into cute and modern designs that fit her perfectly. I'm really contemplating this one...
Online Knitting Class
Explorations in Brioche Knitting will show the ins and outs of this awesome technique taught by the lead lady of the industry :) I'm really eyeing this one (check out that cool scarf!) I've seen lots of brioche patterns on Ravelry over the past few months, but I have no idea how to actually do it. Nothing like learning from the pros.
Online Quilting Class
Big Techniques From Small Scraps will show how to best use all those teeny tiny little scrap pieces of fabric when quilting.
Online Cake Decorating Class
Fondant Frills will show how to do a fancy ombré cake with a special frilly technique.
Online Quilting Class
Diamond Quilt Designs will show you how to create mosaic style quilts.
Online Sewing Class
Design Your Own Handbag ... well, it has a very self explanatory name :) Look at all the cute designs they will show you how to incorporate!
Online Sewing Class
Plus Size Pattern Fitting and Design shows different methods of altering a pattern to accommodate your curves :) Sounds like it would be a useful one to have!

Online Crochet Class
Beyond Basics Broomstick Lace I already mentioned yesterday because I bought it :) This class is great for learning a cool technique that isn't talked about much. And just look at that cool cardigan you get to make!

This is just a sampling of the new classes they have posted. If you haven't checked them out in a while (or even in a week), you should head over here to see all the new and fun classes they have to offer!

Oh, and there's a new Free class too!
Online Sewing Class
Bag Making Basics: Drawstring Bag and Bucket Bag is a handy little mini class that will teach you how to construct these two types of bags. They are very simple, but it's still nice to have someone there to show you how to do it right step by step :)

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