Sunday, December 9, 2012

Bzz Review: CoverGirl Blast FlipStick

I was so stoked when I received the invitation to join the Bzz group for CoverGirl's Blast FlipStick. Oddly enough I have wanted to try this ever since I saw it advertised about a year ago, but just never got around to buying one. Funny, huh? 
Well, Bzz Agent sent me 3 shades to try in my Bzz Kit: Vixen, Stunner, and Minx.
The coolest part about these lipsticks is that they are pretty customize-able. Each lipstick includes 2 colors - one is a basic color and the other is a lighter or different shade with a shimmer or some other added touch. So, you can use it as a normal color in the daytime and just apply the shimmer for a night look. You can also layer the color on to make it as bold as you want. Neat, huh?
As far as the colors go, there was a clear winner for me. I was originally attracted to the Stunner shade (it's the one in all the advertisements) and it's not bad on my complexion but not my favorite. The Minx was just strange - it's no joke chocolate brown. It looked like I was a clown or something. The Vixen on the other hand was really perfect for me. It's a mauve/pink on one side with a lighter shimmery pink on the other side. I like these shades by themselves or layer on top of each other. They are a middle of the road type color so I can wear this to work but they are still bold so it looks very polished.
I give this product 4 out of 5 stars! I love the whole idea of this lipstick. It's 2 in one and easy to use. It applies very smoothly and stays on very well. I love that I can customize how I want the color to look and add a little extra shimmer if I feel like it :) I've been wearing this out lately and received compliments each time so I know it's not just me who thinks this. I'm so glad I finally got to try this out! Go out and grab one - they are available most everywhere and they are only $8.99! Totally worth giving a try :)

* I received 3 shades of CoverGirl Blast FlipStick from Bzz Agent to facilitate my review but all opinions expressed are 100% my own and not influenced in any way.

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