Monday, November 12, 2012

Review: Easy Care First Aid Kit

The Tender Corp. not only sent me their Easy Access Bandages to try out and review, they also included one of their Easy Care First Aid Kits :) 

If you've read my blog for any amount of time, you would know that my husband and I are pretty big on being prepared for emergencies. Living in Central Florida, there is always a big concern with hurricanes and making sure we have enough supplies and food to wade out a disaster scenario. One thing I think people often overlook is being prepared for medical emergencies. This is true not only for disasters but also for out daily life. What do you do if you child falls and gets a deep cut? What if you burn yourself while cooking? There are so many daily situations that can become precarious if we aren't prepared with both supplies and knowledge. 

Now, from how I talked above you may think I want us all to become medical professionals or something :) While that would be nice, it certainly isn't always possible. Instead we need to arm ourselves with basic knowledge to take care of things until other help arrives. If there is one thing I have learned with having a cop for a husband it's that quick thinking can save lives.

Anyway, onto how this relates to this first aid kit. The thing that separates this kit from the countless other kits out there is how it is organized. It's not just a zipper case full of bandages and ointments. When you open the zipper pouch, you see 6 plastic pouches all clearly labeled with what their ingredients treat.
The kit will treat:
  1. Cuts & Scrapes
  2. Blisters, Splinters & Stings
  3. Bleeding, Wounds & Burns
  4. Headaches & Pain
  5. Sprains & Strains
  6. CPR & Shock
The front of each pouch gives step by step instructions (with pictures!) on how to use the items inside. The opposite side of the pouch is clear so you can easily see what is inside.
So, say I was at the park and my nephew falls down and scrapes his knee - I just open the Cuts & Scrapes pouch to get not only a bandage but an antiseptic towelette and antibiotic ointment. 1,2,3, everything is right there where I need it and finished before I have time to stress over it. Pretty cool huh? The kit even goes so far as to include a CPR Breathing Barrier in case of real emergencies. There is an instant cold compress, splint, ibuprofen, gauze bandages, gloves, tape, burn gel, sting relief wipes, and so much more!
What's also great about this kit is its size and price. It's conveniently sized for travel, camping, bringing along to sporting events as well as having an easy to get to place in your home or office. Also, these retail for $19.99 so it's very affordable. I even found these available on for only $17.99 which tells me these are also easy to get your hands on.

What's the verdict? I would definitely recommend this kit to anyone. It can't hurt to be prepared and this even gives you the instructions on how to use what it contains. With this, you can be ready for any small emergency you come across and be able to take better control of the situation yourself. I'm really excited to have my kit and I'm going to make it a nice place in my car after I post this :) This kit helps you be prepared in all the necessary ways to make any unpleasant situations just a little bit easier.

If you want more info about Easy Care First Aid Kits and more from the Tender Corporations, you can see their website or 'Like' Easy Care First Aid on Facebook to stay connected with new products and info :)

*I received the Easy Care First Aid Kit for free to facilitate my review, but all opinions expressed are 100% my own and not influenced in any way.

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