Thursday, November 1, 2012

Our Halloween 2012

In case you don't know this, Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year :) We tend to go all out and this year was no exception. We started off by carving our pumpkins (which I got at Aldi for $3.69 each!) and we both decided to do an Adventure Time theme.
 I went with my fav character - Lumpy Space Princess (a.k.a. LSP). Here I am making my "Okay, Fine, Whatever" face.
 Justin in mid-carve of Jake.
And here they are together: LSP and Jake. Oh yeah!

Oh Halloween I decided not to wear my actual costume to work, but I had to do something so I wore all black with a bright orange sweater and green shoes and called myself a pumpkin :) I also had to do my eye makeup accordingly, so here is my pumpkin look.
It's kind of hard to see in the photo, but it was much more orangey in person. I used the Stila In the Know palette (Wind on the whole eye, Fire around the crease, Driftwood in the corner) along with the medium brown shimmer color from the Pixi Shades of Taupe Quartette. Then I lined it with Pixi Lash Line Ink and finished off with Pixi Large Lash Mascara. It was fun to play around with the orange color (one I never thought I would use) and I still ended up with a totally work appropriate look :)

At night, we went to my parent's house to freak out the local kids hand out candy. Justin dressed as his ever popular concoction of the creepiest scarecrow that you've ever seen. This year it evolved to include gloves that look like claw-fingers and a black duster style cape with buckles. 
Come grab a piece, kids :)
I played my part by telling the kids to go up and grab a piece of candy. When they asked if he was real I would say no and make his head flop to the side or something to put them at ease. Then when they reached for candy he would move or grab them. Our scare stats were pretty good and included inadvertently making a 3 year old girl dressed as the cutest bunny rabbit ever cry, many teenage girls scream, and scaring a group of teenage boys so bad them mowed over the girls they were with as they ran away and actually knocked one to the ground. It was ... fantastic :)
I decided to put the hat I made Justin for his birthday to good use and go as Finn from Adventure Time :) Gordo was perfect as my Jake.
I even has a samurai sword and a green backpack. I also rolled my socks to look like a tube around my feet, just like Finn's. Here is an action shot :) Also, I made sure to say Finn phrases like, "What the plop?" and,"Mathematical!" all night.
Here's Jake and LSP in action :) The older kids all knew what I was and thought our pumpkins were awesome.
So this Halloween was definitely a success :) We had tons of fun scaring little kids and just hanging out. Can't wait for next year to do it again!

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