Thursday, November 8, 2012

*Expired* Giveaway: The Pattern Pyramid Is Here!

*The winner has been announced! Go here to see the post and congrats to Felicity from Down Under!*

I have to confess, I have been a big delinquent. I won the leg of the pattern Pyramid Giveaway on Smith & Daphne 2 weeks ago and I am only just now posting it. Sorry to deny the world all this patterny goodness for so long! First off, just look at how cute my package was!
Kristen added a nice pink zipper, wrapped the patterns up in a cute fat quarter of fabric and tied it all off with a lovely piece of pink yarn. Thanks Kristen for such a fun treat!
Now, down to business :) For those of you who aren't familiar with the Pattern Pyramid, this was an idea thought up by the very lovely and very generous Karen of Did You Make That? several months ago. She received a large amount of patterns and wanted to pass them along and began this perpetual giveaway. Each winner of the giveaway is given a stack of patterns and gets to choose just one to keep for themselves while hosting their own giveaway to pass them along and continue the cycle. How great is that? Since the inception of this idea, it has grown and grown because several participants add in more patterns to keep the fun going. 

I had a hard decision between the one I picked and the 60s dress (let's just say you all are lucky I'm an honest person!) but in the end neither of them were my size and I figured this blouse would be much easier to size up to fit me:
Ah, lovely Butterick 6965, you are all mine! Apparently this pattern was added in by Roobeedoo hoping it would go to someone who lived in a warmer climate than her native Scotland. Well, how much warmer can you get than sunny Florida? Not much! Thanks so much for adding this lovely top into the mix. I can't wait to make it up!

So, what patterns are in the running for this leg of the giveaway? Scroll down to see them all!
Simplicity 3385 - How Mad Men is this baby? I was so torn over this one!
Simplicity 7672 - 1976. This includes the jacket, gaucho pants and pants. Check out that back pleating on the jacket!
Simplicity 4076 - Easily the oldest pattern of the lot. I'd say it's from the early 1950s. It includes the tap dance trunks, blouse and skating outfit.
McCall's 7990 - 1982. I remember being a little girl in ballet class wishing I had a costume like these...
Burda 7694 - This is a modern pattern for a 3/4 sleeve jacket
Polynesian Pattern 181 - That short dress actually  would be in style now!
Vogue 1046 - Anna Sui dress. Can be made with cap style sleeves or 3/4 sleeves and has 2 neckline options.
Now, I couldn't let the giveaway go by without adding something to it. Originally I had planned to go through my ridiculous pattern collection, but it's all packed up in boxes I can't get to (literally - I scraped my leg trying to access them). So, I headed out to my favorite local thrift store and grabbed a few gems of the 1980s. Sorry they aren't more exciting, but my area doesn't have much in the way of patterns that are older than these guys. I could see the potential though with these 3.
McCall's 6937 - This is from 1980 and has a nice little collection of western wear. It includes a vest, blouse, skirt and pants.
McCall's 2546 - This is from 1986 and while it looks its age with those shoulder pads, the sleeveless version is cute and if you don't make it so boxy it could look cute :)
McCall's 7530 - From 1981, this pattern has 2 pairs of shorts and 2 pairs of pants. View A is for stretch knits only.
As with all the other Pattern Pyramid giveaways, the winner will also receive one of these awesome tags to put in the item you make using the pattern.
To Enter The Giveaway:
  1. Leave a comment on this blog post telling us which pattern you would keep if you win! Make sure I can access your email - if you don't have a blogger account just leave your email at the end of your comment. 
  2. The winner must agree to choose 1 pattern for herself and be ok with sending the rest off to any corner of the world. This started off in England and has already made it to almost every continent, so please make this open to people who live anywhere.
  3. You must have a blog of your own to host the giveaway of the extra patterns. 
  4. If you are a winner, please consider making a donation to The Brooke, a charity dear to the heart of Catherine who generously provided these patterns.
  5. When you make your item, be sure to post about it so we can all drool over it :)
This giveaway will close next Saturday (November 17th) at 11:59pm Eastern Standard Time. So be sure you enter before then to make sure you're eligible. Please only make 1 comment for 1 entry. All additional entries will be deleted. I will also make sure to add in a surprise or too for the winner :) Please spread this around - tell your friends! We want everyone to get involved in this opportunity :)


  1. Thanks for continuing the pyramid! I've been hoping to win for ages, lol - no such luck so far.
    I'd love to get my mitts on McCall's 6937, in parituclar the blouse :)

  2. Please DON'T add me to the giveaway! Just popping in to say - hooray! I look forward to seeing that blouse being given a chance in life :)

  3. I would love to make Simplicity 3385... but the indulgent part of me says 'go on make some tap pants cos that blog photo would be sooooo cool!" and with a budding ballerina in the house I fear the tutus might be too tutu much to resist... alas I only need to make a decision if I actually win!
    Excellent pick with the blouse pattern, that is ADORABLE.

  4. The McCalls 2546 looks like something that could be used as a good base pattern for doing all sorts of thing. Great collection!

  5. What a darling idea! I love the idea of a round robin of patterns. I have 15 great neices and nephews and have been thinking of doing a round robin of handsewn kids clothing for them. Being a bit of a "classisist" in my clothing, I would choose the Burda jacket 7694.

  6. Being a retired competitive ice skater (yet that's true!), I simply have to have the skating dress pattern!! As to whether I would make and model it...well that is a different story!

  7. What a fantastic idea! My lovely daughter is a dancer and although I know how to sew, I haven't made a costume before and I would LOVE to make her a ballet costume from McCall's 7990 ... it's just the right size ... she is at a new studio that is just getting started so the pattern would be a godsend ... plus I could really add to the stash of patterns from all those gathering dust in my closet! Pick me!


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