Sunday, November 25, 2012

Crochet Update: Meet Eunice (Don't Tell Marisa!)

I've been trying to get realistic about the Christmas gifts I want to make my family this year. I had planned on a bunch of items, but that's just not going to happen and I'm ok with that. One I knew I could get done pretty quickly would be this little baby.

My sister, Marisa, has said she wants a stuffed pig ever since I showed her the first animal I made so I knew a little piggy would be a great Christmas addition. I had just started this little lady last night and I was feeling pretty crummy today so I decided I would make good use of my time and finish her up :)
 Meet Eunice :)
 Isn't the little squiggly tail to cutest?!
 I made her bigger than the pattern calls for. I used a size I hook to make her bigger and then I did 3 extra increase rows as well as made her 3 rows longer in the torso.
I think she's pretty cute and I know Marisa is going to be thrilled. Now I just have to keep her a secret until Christmas. Wish me luck!

Well, Marisa totally loved her new piggy! And it matched her shirt on Christmas day :) Don't you just love the creepy faces my family makes when you say, " Hey, let me take a picture,"? It's genetic, what can I say. 

I'm so excited Eunice wen over just as well as I thought she would. And now Marisa has her much requested pig!

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  1. THIS IS ADORABLE!!! That curly tail is just too fantastic.


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