Sunday, November 4, 2012

Another Crocheted Baby Item + Free Pattern From Me

We went to visit little man again on Friday night and noticed he was getting pretty wiggly and scratching his face with his long nails. We didn't have any baby clippers yet and didn't bring any mittens or anything, but I did have my crochet bag in tow so I did what any crochet-crazy aunt would do. I made him some on the fly :)
 I basically just made little balls and then wove in strings around the opening to tie them onto his hands. They took me less than 30 minutes to make both and that was including having to frog back a few rows on the first one to get the shape better. They may not be the fanciest things in the world, but the certainly do the job :) I posted the pattern I came up with here and you can access it for free if you want to make some of your own.
Don't they look like little boxing gloves? He's really starting to move around and flail those babies, so it was really cute to see him with these little mittens on.

You know what they say about necessity, right :) I think it definitely applies to this little project and it worked out great!

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