Monday, October 15, 2012

My Great Pixi Beauty Find

So, I had to go to Target on Saturday night and I hit a mega score on the back aisle clearance stuff.
I got all of these Pixi products for 50% off! Plus I grabbed some sweet new nail polish colors. I had never really used anything from Pixi before I got the Lip & Line in my Bloom Ambassador box. I was really impressed with the quality of the lip stick (if not in love with the color). So, when I saw these for so cheap I had to grab them and give them a full try out too. Here's what I got:

  • Shade Quartette in Shades of Taupe - $11.00
  • Large Lash Mascara - $9.00
  • Lash Line Ink - $8.00
  • Natural Brow Duo - $9.00
The funny thing about all 4 of these products is that they are still listed as new products both on and on - yet they were already 1/2 price at Target. I'm not complaining though :)
I decided to try all my new products together today. These are the results!
I really love the shadow quartette. The colors are all surprisingly blendable - even when I use a primer underneath. The shades look really nice - not too over the top, just a nice a slightly smokey look. The shadows have just a touch of shimmer and it really makes my eyes pop. The liner was crazy easy to use - so smooth. The brow crayon worked great. I'll be honest - I've never filled in my eye brows before. I've never really needed to, but I am surprised at how much I like the look. It just fills in the space so you don't see underneath the hairs.

The only item I'm not completely loving is the mascara. My lashes are certainly not looking 'large'. Also, it was fairly clumpy and I had to use the iLash comb just to get it to look presentable. It's ok - but not my favorite.

So, I highly recommend checking your local Target store to see if they have these items on sale too! I already checked online and they are still normal price everywhere so this is a great find!

Also, is offering 20% off everything on their site! Just use promo code SAVE20 at checkout to save big!

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