Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My First Crochet Customers - Yoda Dog Hats

Last week, my lovely friend Tara sent me a picture of a dog wearing a crocheted yoda hat and asked me if I could make one for Biscuit (her toy poodle). It was so simple looking I knew I could hash it out in no time!
I tried to find a free pattern for it, but there weren't any so I decided I could make it on my own. I did it just like the baby hats at first but it turns out that dog heads are more dish shaped than human babies. So, I ended up pulling out the first one and just adding increases every round like when I make stuffed animals. Poor Biscuit had to be my model and he was hiding from me by the end of it :) The ears are just my own stitch as I go method. I chained up about 18 and then hdc-ed back and forth, c2tog every so often to create the curve. Then I just added small ear flaps and braided straps to hold it on.
Look at my cute little customer :)
Look how happy he is with me :) He figured out he could shake really hard and the hat would end up looking like a strange weird beard. But isn't he cute?! He makes such a sweet little yoda.

When I told Tara I would make the hat, she showed one of her customers and they asked if I would make one for their pug, Jojo, as well. How could I refuse?
Jojo was completely freaked out for her fitting, but I think she looks great :) The weirdest thing - Jojo and Biscuit wore the same size hat! How crazy is that?

Anyway, I have officially made custom crocheted items for paying customers now! And they are seriously cute customers too, so it's a total win :) I can't wait to hear what people think tomorrow night!

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