Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Lots of New Craftsy Classes!

I know everyone probably rolls their eyes by now when I mention Craftsy, but I'm just such an addict I can't help but share!

Over the last couple of weeks Craftsy has been putting up all kinds of new classes :) I just wanted to show you what new stuff is out there in case you hadn't checked in a while!
Online Sewing Class
The Get Started Serging class sounds like a great one! It will teach you how to thread you machine, do basic stitches, and pretty much just make you more familiar with this rather intimidating looking contraption. Most say that once they get used to a serger they can't imagine how they did it without one, so I know this would be a great one for me.
This one I will definitely be snagging here soon :) Mittens and Gloves Galore! is a knitting class on, you guessed it, mittens and gloves! She will teach how to make all variations of finger wear from gloves to mittens to fingerless, etc. I think this will be one of my first free classes I won once I get a few of my other projects done and have some time again :)
This one I just saw the notification for this morning and I'm already in love. The Seamless Artemisia Sweater looks gorgeous and it's for intermediate knitters. It has a lace detail on the front and it's knit with Cascade Venezia which is merino wool blended with silk - sounds so cozy!
For the beginning sewist, there is a really cute class called Design & Sew and A-Line Skirt that will teach all the easy ways to change up this versatile shape that flatters pretty much everyone.
If you're a little more advanced in your sewing, there are some great fitting classes like The Classic Tailored Shirt - what a great resource to get really good at such a staple item.
Or you could try your hand at pants (the item dreaded by most home sewists) with Pant Fitting Techniques. The funny thing is I was given a big stack of old Threads magazines and Sandra Betzina was featured in one of them talking about ... pants! So apparently she has been doing this for quite a while :)
For the quilt lover, there is Designing Modern Quilts which would be really neat to learn. Some of these patterns look so complicated it would be nice to have a helping hand at how to do them.
There are also plenty of food and cake decorating classes including Exotic Sugar Orchids - how amazing would this be to learn?! Those flowers are gorgeous.

Anyway, I just wanted to make sure everyone could drool over these great new classes with me :) And they seem to be coming out more frequently! Don't forget to check out their Free Mini Classes - some of them have been really fun for me!

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