Monday, October 29, 2012

I'm Participating in the FreshStitches November Crochet Along!

I guess I'm just on a crocheted animal high today because I saw this CAL (crochet along) posted on FreshStitches and I just had to participate :) We will be crocheting a mystery stuffed animal throughout the month. So far the clues are that it is a normal animal (i.e. not a monster or alien or anything) that is not holiday or winter themed or even more girlish or boyish. Also, Stacey Trock (owner of Fresh Stitches) has said that it is fairly large so it may need more than one skein of the main color of yarn.

That's all the info that has been released so far :)

Want to crochet with us? Go here to read more info on the FreshStitches blog and to buy your pattern. It costs $6 and the clues will start being sent out (via email or Ravelry message) starting on Nov 15.

Not sure if you're up for crocheting a stuffed animal? Let me assure you - it's a lot of fun! Stacye's patterns are really detailed with step by step instructions that include pictures every step of the way. I learned how to crochet stuffed animals through her Craftsy Class and I promise it is really not hard at all and it's very rewarding when you have your cute little animal at the end :)

Be adventurous! Give it a try with me!

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