Friday, October 5, 2012

Circles of Service: Scarf #3 Finished

Well, this one was crazy quick to make. I picked the pattern and all and tried it out a week ago but I just couldn't get it figured out at the time so I stopped. I felt adventurous Monday night and I got the pattern figured out so then Tuesday I decided to watch Melancholia (beautiful film but incredibly depressing) and crocheted this while watching. I had made it too long by the time the movie was over and I had to pull some out (for the project they can only be 70" long). I just had to weave in the ends on Wednesday and it was done!
Look how big it is :) I actually really like this scarf and so far it's the hardest one to give away. I love the yarn - it's Lion Brand Hometown USA in Lake Tahoe Blue and it has just little flecks of other colors spun into it (like yellow and green and purple). The yarn is so big that it makes it feel really plushy and soft. It's like wrapping a narrow blanket around your neck.
The pattern is the Imogene Scarf from Lion Brand (t's a free pattern). The pattern calls for you to make it 140" long! That's nuts because his one is 70" long and I'm really surprised by how heavy it is so I can only imagine how much 140" would weigh. Plus, you'd have to wrap it around you a zillion times. I ended up using 2.5 skeins of the yarn. I have 1 whole skein plus the half left so if I can find another somewhere I will make another of these for me :)
This is great for a quick project that looks complicated. It would also make an awesome blanket!

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