Thursday, October 4, 2012

Circles of Service: Crocheted Scarf #2 Complete

Well, I have finished my 2nd scarf for the Circles of Service project and I have to say I really like this one :) Well, I like the pattern ... I'm not so thrilled about the yarn...
Modeled by the lovely Shannon.
Isn't it cool? I used this Slant Stitch pattern which was a really nice pattern. The slant stitch is perfect for me. It's interesting enough to keep me busy while still being simple and repetitive enough that I could watch tv while I made it. I watched 2 of the new Sherlock Holmes episodes on Netflix while I finished this up on Wednesday night :)

Anyway, the yarn. I used Red Heart's With Love yarn in Boysenberry (in real life it's the darker color - that up close photo looks way lighter than it really does). The color is lovely and the yarn is plushy and soft. The only problem is that the yarn is so stiff it can pretty much stand up on its own. If I bend it, it stays bent. If I keep it straight, it stays stiff as a board ... not exactly the best thing for a cozy scarf. It's pretty though and it's definitely warm so hopefully the new owner will enjoy wrapping up in it :)

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