Monday, September 10, 2012

Weekend Update: Crafts, Cooking, and Car Troubles

Well, my weekend didn't exactly start off on the most fun note, but it certainly started with a bang. My husband went to work on Friday night (he's working over nights this week) and he called me about 45 minutes after he left to tell me that his car had stalled and wouldn't start. It's was raining something terrible that night and he was driving through the very flooded streets of Cape Canaveral. Everything was fine until someone went past him going a little faster which created a wave of water that went up into his engine air intake. He had to push the car in the rain to a nearby parking lot and then call his coworker who just happened to have enough time to pick him up. Yeah, so that meant that I had to wake up at 5 am to meet him when his shift ended to take him home and get the car taken care of.
I took a photo just to commemorate this happy time. Luckily the towing was covered by my insurance (which I didn't even know - thank you USAA!) and we just had the car towed back to our house in hopes that the water would evaporate so we wouldn't have to pay to get the whole system flushed out. Well, today is Monday and it still wouldn't start. My husband will be fiddling with it a bit today and figuring out what to do next. So, in the meantime we are a 1 car family.

Anyway, that was the bad part. The good part is my dad (my boss) let me take the day off from work to get some sleep and get the oil changed in my car - the last thing we needed was a problem with our 1 working car. Earlier this week I ended up watching Julie and Julia (there was nothing else on because I don't like this movie - the character of Julie annoys the crap out of me), which even though I don't like it always makes me want to cook from my Mastering the Art of French Cooking books. So, I brought the books with me and planned my weekend meals while I waited for the oil to get changed. I made Suprêmes de Volaille à Blanc (chicken in cream sauce) with risotto on Saturday night - seriously this is like my favorite new meal. If heaven has a cafeteria, I would eat this most days. You need to try it if you haven't before. Then Sunday I made Coq au Vin (chicken in wine sauce), a French classic. It was good too, but I liked the cream chicken better.

Also after I planned my meal I worked on a new knitting project. A dear friend of mine is having a baby boy and she specifically requested a blue hat - how could I refuse? So between Saturday and Sunday I made another baby hat.
 Since I've made this same pattern 2 other times, I had to jazz it up this time and I made my first pom pom. I ended up impaling myself with my snippers while cutting it and then had to give it a hair cut since it came out very uneven (I was covered in blue fluff). I'm happy with the result though in spite of my difficulties. Hopefully my friend likes pom poms :)
 I also got a little bit done on my sweater throughout the week. I worked on it before I realized I had to haul booty to finish all the gifts I need to make :) I have the whole top yoke done - I just have to take it off the needles to try it on and make sure it fits before continuing.
Yesterday I decided to continue working on my teddy bear. I started the day having only the bottom body and half of the head done. I finished the head and made all the legs and ears in a mad dash. I really wanted to finish it, but I was responsible and went to bed. So, I will be finishing with making the snout and nose and then assembling and stuffing him :) I'm so excited - I just want to finish him now! Alas, I have to work.

Anyway, sorry for such a lengthy post with so much random stuff. It was an interesting weekend to say the least :) How was your weekend?

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