Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Review: My Fantastic Prescription Sunglasses from Firmoo!

I just got these babies in the mail last week and I have been wearing them ever since! Aren't they cute?! 
I was lucky enough to be chosen to try out a pair of Firmoo glasses and tell everyone what I thought of them. Well, straight off - they have super cute designs! I will be the first to admit that I had been hesitant of getting glasses from Firmoo several months ago. I saw their free glasses offer but I just wasn't sure since the frames are their own brand and I wasn't familiar with them. Now that I have a pair in my hot little hands, I can honestly say I regret thinking that back then. These are every bit as good of quality as all the other pairs of prescription glasses I own (and I have about 4 pair right now from various places). 
I wanted to wear these and see how they held up throughout the week before I posted this review and I really have no complaints :) These were very durable and survived being in my purse (I kept them in the case, but the case frequently opened) and they still have no scratches. I love how much better I can drive with these - no more squinting in the Florida sun!
I decided to go with sunglasses because I had never owned prescription sunglasses before and I was dying to give them a try.This style is really perfect for me, plus they completely cover my eyes and no sun is peeking through the top and sides. I got it in my head to get prescription sunglasses a few years ago and had a fav pair that I just wanted my prescription lenses for so I called to Lenscrafters as well as my eye doctor to check the price. It was going to cost me $75 just for the prescription lenses plus another $75 at least for the tinting. And that was with supplying my own frames! The glasses I received above would cost just $43 plus the shipping - that includes the frames, wrap around prescription lenses, and tinting. If you want uv coating or polarization that is an additional charge, but still no where near as much as my local shops wanted for just the lenses.

Firmoo has quite a few different styles of sunglasses and several variations of color and such with each design. For example, these glasses I got also come in green and purple, plus if you're not into the cute little bows they had 2 other styles that were similar frames but with different details on the temples. Regular glasses on Firmoo start at just $8 and their prescription sunglasses start at $40. Isn't that crazy? Why would you ever go to a physical store again?
Ordering your glasses or sunglasses from Firmoo is super easy too. You just need your prescription and your pupilary distance and that's it! Word to the wise - your pupilary distance will not be included on your normal prescription. You have to ask for it specifically. Once you have all your necessary info, you just scan through their selection to see which style suits you best. They list all the measurements of the frames in millimeters so you can get a real understanding of their actual size. I took a pair of frames I already had and measured them in all the places they list so I could get a good comparison and that worked great for me. Be advised - the measurements are listed in millimeters. I luckily work in an industry that uses millimeters more than anything else, so I had a digital gauge at my disposal. You could always just use a ruler with centimeters and convert it. Anyway, it's very basic math and shouldn't be too difficult.

The true kicker to Firmoo.com is you get your first pair of glasses for free! That's right - if you are still skeptical, you really have nothing to worry about because you would only be out the cost of the shipping if you didn't like them (but I very much doubt you wouldn't). So go here to get started ordering your own pair! You can also 'like' Firmoo on Facebook to be updated on sales and special promotions and giveaways. They have a really great online community and lots of happy customer testimonials :)

I give these glasses a 5 out of 5 stars! Everything about Firmoo.com was simple to navigate and the descriptions were very accurate so I didn't have to worry about not being able to see them first. The glasses and lenses are great quality, smooth and comfortable. They have a great selection of modern and popular styles too. Add to all these great attributes that your first pair is free and you have one heck of a fantastic deal. I know where I'll be going for my next pair of glasses for sure! Head over to Firmoo.com to have your own great experience with a new pair of glasses!

*I received a free pair of glasses of my choice from Firmoo to facilitate my review, but all opinions expressed are 100% mine and not influenced in any way.

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