Thursday, September 13, 2012

Me Update: Stuff and Things of Late

Well, since I made such a big long thing about our car troubles last weekend I figured I should tell you how it turned out :) We have it back! It still wouldn't crank up by Tuesday, so we decided to have it taken to a shop and checked out. We left it there and they called later that day that they jumped the battery and it had been going ever since. Yeah. So we both felt pretty stupid for not trying to jump the car ourselves, but on the bright side at least we didn't have to pay the $500 deductible :)

So, as a present to myself of saving all that money (at least that's what I'm justifying it with lol), I went a little crazy with Sephora's clearance section :) Mind you several of these items will be Christmas gifts for others, but I am keeping a few -I won't lie.
Everything you see here (plus 1 more nail polish) cost me just over $50 - shipping and all! That's 18 products (most of which were $3 each) and 3 samples and the shipping. Normally just those OPI nail polishes would be $8.50 each. On top of the already crazy discounts,  Shop At Home had increased their cash back on Sephora to 12% last weekend (normally it's 4%), so I will be getting about $8 back in a check from them :) I'm really thrilled with how well I did. Last year I ended up getting a similar sized haul from Urban Decay's clearance and used most of it for Christmas and looks like Sephora won this year. And just so you know, the other nail polish looks like this...
Boo ya! How sweet do my toes look? I'm totally in love with this electric blue crackle. It's called Electric Blue Blasted (a.k.a. crackle) and I put it over top of my Dermelect Provocative and then topped it off with Sally Hansen's Clear Hard as Nails. This OPI is easily the best looking crackle I've ever tried - all the others have been disappointing, but this one actually worked like it was supposed to.

Another super thing I got in the mail just yesterday:
 My Sewaholic order! lol Sorry for such a creepy pic, I was trying to look completely ecstatic ... because I was :) I don't know what it is about the independent patterns, but they just feel special. I'm really excited about both of them. (As a total side note - check out the 2 new designs from Colette Patterns :) Juniper and Anise were just release today!)
Earlier this week I received another fantastic prize from one of the Beauty Chats over on Bloom's Facebook page. This time we talked with one of the developers from TOCCA fragrances. Our challenge was to come up with an inspiration for a new fragrance and the 5 who had the ideas TOCCA liked the best won this Limited Edition Viaggio Set of 3 for free! I was really happy to get this not only because it's a fantastic prize but also because it meant they liked my ideas. Who knows, maybe you'll see a new fragrance that I helped name :) By the way, these all smell a-mazing. I can't believe I had never smelled them before but now I am addicted. Seriously, if you have the chance you should check them out.

Just so you know, I just got to order my new Bloom Ambassador box last night and it is chock full of awesome products I will be reviewing in the coming month or so. A new box also means new Beauty Chats and opportunities for you to win some of the products for yourself :) I'll be sure to post when the parties will be so you can win fantastic prizes like this for yourself.

So, I've had a pretty good 'stuff' week :) Sorry if it's tacky to show it all like this, but I'm just so excited! Have you gotten anything exciting this week? Leave a comment and let us be jealous!

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