Thursday, September 13, 2012

Joann's Sale Trip and New Projects!

I hadn't planned on going to Joann's when I got up this morning. I just looked through my emails like I do everyday and I saw a sweet coupon from Joann's for 20% off my entire purchase (sale items and everything). I have wanted this fantastic fabric ever since I first saw it on July 4th but I've never caught it on sale, but in honor of National Sewing Month Joann's has all their apparel fabric 40% off! Yahoo! Since I had seen the fabric on several trips since July 4th in my nearest store, it would surely still be there, right? Yeah, wrong. I drove all the way to Waterford Lakes pretty much just for that fabric and they didn't have it anywhere (and believe me I scoured that joint). The other thing I really needed was a 12 inch brown invisible zipper and they didn't have that either! What the heck, man? I'll admit I was pretty miffed since that's a 30 minutes drive from me (man do I sound like a grandma) and I ended up driving home through UCF's rush hour so it took almost double that. 

It grumbled for a few minutes, but I decided to make the best of my trip and look around for a few other projects and I found these:
 I finally got the Sassy Librarian Blouse class on Craftsy :) Isn't it the cutest?! I've wanted this class ever since I found out about the website and I finally have it to make for myself. Personally, I LOVE the teal fabric used in the example blouse (here's a better look at it) but I've always been too cheap to buy it. I mean, this blouse takes 3 yards! So, when I came across this Daisy Mae cherry printed cotton in the clearance section today I was sold. After my 25% off it was about $4.50 a yard - much more do-able than twice that price. It's also such a similar palette and vintage-y look to the original one that I just had to have it. Now I'm really excited to make this up.
 I also brought along my new Sewaholic patterns and found this other Daisy Mae cotton (also in the clearance section) that I fell in love with. It too has a vintage-ness about it (at least to me anyway). I'm going to make view B of the Alma Blouse and the cream shirting there is going to be the collar methinks. I also grabbed thread and a zipper so I have everything i need to make this one :)
 Another happy discovery: Joann's has all their Vogue Patterns on sale for $3.99 each :) This is the rock bottom price for Vogues so I snatched up 8766 and 8789 which I've had on my list for a while. FYI that 8766 is one of the dress options for the Couture Dress class on Craftsy and Susan Khalje shows you have to make it to perfection. I knew it would be a good one to add to my collection.
The last thing I picked up was some appropriate color yarn to make my Reindeer from the Amigurumi Woodland Animals class on Craftsy. This is the 3rd animal in the class and you can make it as a normal deer or as Rudolph :) At the Salvation Army last week I found 5 different 'music buttons' for 25¢ each and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer was one of the songs! So, I'm going to put that button inside his belly when I stuff him - how cool is that?! I'm sure it will end up annoying the crap out of me over time but I really like the idea now so I'm gonna go for it. How many folks do you know who can say they've made a musical stuffed animal? Exactly :) The black, brown and red yarns I already had in my stash and the Bernat Satin yarn at the bottom was the best color match I could find (this colorway is called Sable).

So, there you have it. Another fabric store trip with a crazy amount of projects planned. Now if I can just get some of them done! Wouldn't that be a miracle.

If you have any fabric or craft items you need, the sale at Joann's goes through this Sunday (Sept. 16) and you can print that 20% off coupon here if you didn't get the email. Let me know what you get if you go!

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