Monday, September 3, 2012

I've Finally Bought A Sewaholic Pattern!

With my months of being involved in the Sewing Blogger world, I've constantly heard everyone singing the praises of Sewaholic patterns. Tasia (a.k.a. Miss Sewaholic Patterns) designs styles for pear-shaped women and while she only has 8 patterns so far, each new season she brings out a new one and they are all super cute!

Anyway, so I've been toying with the thought of buying a Sewaholic pattern for months now, but every time I get close I talk myself out of it since I seriously have a crap-load of patterns. (No joke, I have been working on putting the hoard of vintage patterns I've accumulated on Etsy today and I'm pretty sure I have around 1,000. Talk about a reality check. Granted 98% of those I won't keep - at least that's the plan - but that's still a crazy number. My personal stash is probably around 50 or so.) Until now, my logic has won out and I've just resigned to use what I already have. This weekend though, Tasia announced that all her patterns would be 20% off. Add to it the fact that my Etsy store had a few sales this weekend and I am pleased to announce that I have taken the plunge!
I have bought not one but TWO Sewaholic patterns :) I've been wanting the Minoru Jacket ever since I saw someone's on pinterest months ago. It was honestly one of the first independent designer patterns I ever even looked at. I put off getting it because ... yeah, I live in Florida. But I plan on making it out of cotton twill or something else light and non-wooly so I can actually wear it here.
The other pattern I bought is the newest addition to Sewaholic's line, the Alma blouse. I love everything about this top. It has several variations and my 2 favorite aspects are the peter pan collar and the elbow length sleeves :)
My favorite that I've seen is this one made by Marie over at A Sewing Odyssey. How cute is that? That shirt is totally me and if I could find that fabric I would totally pull an idea theft and make one for myself. No, not really, but it really is cute. I think I'll be using some of the fabric I bought a few weeks ago to make Jasmine tops with. I'm thinking that mint paisley with a brown collar would be super awesome!

So, I have finally joined the Sewaholic club. I can't wait to get my patterns and give them a try to see what everyone is always raving about. You know I'll let you know as soon as they arrive!

If you would like to get some Sewaholic patterns for yourself, just use promo code MOVING at checkout to get 20% off of your order. Keep in mind you can only use this code once, so make sure you get all that you want in one go. This code will be valid until Sept 6 (Thursday) at midnight pst.

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  1. Oooo...yay for getting both patterns!! I'm super excited to see your versions!


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